Austin, Texas

  • Owner: Kalina
  • Age: 5 Years 0 Months
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Size: 40 Lbs
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Rabies: Up To Date (24 January, 2018)
  • Human Aggression: Yes
  • Description of Aggresion: He doesn’t do very well with strangers, especially if he feels cornered or held onto. He will bark and snap, and has bitten on occasion but never bad (Never broken the skin). I would like to make it clear that he is not aggressive, he has never gone after or attacked anyone, he simply gets defensive when he is afraid and trapped.

    Good with...

  • Cats no
  • Dogs yes
  • Kids no

More about Selva...


About a year ago I went on a climbing trip in Mexico and there I met a dog I would name Selva. He was dirty, and skinny, and had sad-wise eyes. Y’all know the story. Gringo goes to Mexico, shares their PB&J with a street dog, and next thing you know they are in the back seat driving back to Texas. He’s been with me this past year and has truly been my best friend. He is some sort of border collie mix, he weighs about 40 lbs, and we think that he is about five years old. He is neutered and current on all his shots. Because he is getting a little older he spends the majority of his time curled up around the house or snuggling with me (he loves to cuddle), but he also loves going on walks, and runs, and bike rides. He’s also very toy motivated and has a little leather cow and that he will chase and toss around the yard for as long as he’s allowed. He chases cats, and shouldn’t be in a home with them, but is ok with chickens. He is great with other small dogs, almost all female dogs, and larger male dogs on a case to case basis. There are many dogs on our street he socializes with well. He has never been around children, so I am not sure about his behavior around them. He is very well behaved. He doesn’t destroy things in our home, or go through the trash. He is completely house broken. He sits, lays down, usually comes when called, and is trying to learn to play fetch. Other quirks include: he loves car rides, socks, and potato chips, he hates matches, and gets really scared the first few thunderstorms of the year. He does have some behavioral problems that are based in fear, no doubt from his time spent as a street dog. He is not always friendly with strangers but will warm up and be a sweetheart once he gets to know someone. He would do best in a quiet home with one to a few people, and maybe another dog, who will love him and earn his trust. It would be even better if you, the perhaps interested future home, have had some experience with rescues with fear problems before. I just hope I can find someone who will give him a chance like I have. He’s a good dog, and I want all the best for him. I won’t be leaving until the first week of April and plan to keep him until then. I would however like to have a good home for him arranged well in advance and I would like to have the time make sure that I can find a good fit. Thank you, Kalina

Reason for Rehoming

Moving/Rent, Other

Other Reason Explanation:
I travel for work four ish months out of the year and I am not able to bring him with me. Last year my old housemates were able to take care of him but this year it’s not an option. I have have asked friends and family if anyone would be able to take him for a short time with no luck, so I have decided to do my best to find him a new home.

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